The Warfdale painting

[IMPORTANT: This article is still being written]

Yorkshire, Leeds has nourished me in all the dimensions that I am interested in. Science, art, music creativity and life in general. Marie, my good friend with a child like heart came up with this super exciting idea that we “go to the river, we swim, you can paint, we can do a little picnic and all” in her typical French accent! I had returned back from Manchester the previous night and I was tired but the urge to paint and unwind was very compelling. I did not look up and I did not have a sense of the scenery that we might paint. Also, my best painting pal Nike who always helps me with paint was still waking up.

I will write about the colour issues elsewhere sometime but the bottom line is i am protanope. I need help with colours – close shades of green and red. I had to find ways to beat this in me and to get into the habit of painting more efficiently.

So, Marie was the trigger and then I was aware of Yi-Min, Bernda and Harald being part of the gang of five. I wasn’t sure how I would feel to paint with an absolutely new group. I did take a bold leap and trusted myself. Rather forced myself!

We setoff at around noon. Yi-Min, a man with a town in his rucksack passed the Enchroma colour blind test and was kind enough to come with me to Dinsdales shop to pick up an additional canvas and a couple of liner brushes. He is a very silent and patient person. Poor fellow was tortured all through while I explained him the ideas I have about values, colours, compositions. He seem to enjoy but I know I can get a bit too talkative! I am just watching myself.

The River side

The river seemed quite beautiful but it offered little in terms of perspective / elevation. The area was quite flat with blue mountains towards the west, the River flowing towards the East and then we found a spot that was convenient for painting and to sit around, swim and all.

After a quick snack, I let Marie, Brenda and others on their own and started doing the value study on canvas. Yi-Min sat through from the very beginning. From burnt sienna to the background blue mountains that I initially messed up – mostly because of my hesitations to trust the bold colours Yi-Min was confidently choosing. I am used to subtle colours and I am very conservative given my limitation of colour perception. But I knew I had to trust him in this. We then, slowly moved towards

Written by Rakesh Tiwari

Ph.D. student exploring the impacts of extreme heat conditions on tropical tree canopies. Painter, photographer and music lover. Founder of Kannada Pustaka, India's first distributed proofreading Initiative.

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